Mission, Vision and Values

Guiding principles of every institution


Our Mission is to enable and contribute to setting up and expanding opportunities for entrepreneurship development for individuals and micro businesses, through various types of financial and business development support.

We target mostly under-served clients such as unemployed or underpaid employees striving for additional business activities, as well as growth-oriented micro-enterprises, by means of providing access to alternative finance sources and effective models of professional and entrepreneurial education.


We foresee a society in which individuals have a realistic choice and the possibility of dignified life and work as entrepreneurs, as well as the setting up, development and growing of micro or small enterprises, with adequate financial and non-financial support from public and private institutions, while in turn contributing to the growth and development of the society.


  • INITIATIVE AND CREATIVITY are the basic characteristics of our activities
  • RESPECT AND INTEGRITY are the core of our relationships with partners and the public
  • PROFESSIONALISM AND RESPONSIBILITY are integral parts of our daily work
  • BUILDING AND MAINTENANCE OF TRUST with clients, partners and the public is our style of behavior