Consulting Services in Microfinance

Based and due to its founder’s professional background, Sefini Consulting offers launching or expanding Microfinance Institutions or programs, within public or private sector.

The aim is setting and growing self-sustainable programs for financial and social inclusion of marginalized group of people, willing to establish entrepreneur activities. The aim is, as well, to empower them to run their business successfully. There are a number of proved – effective microfinance institutions in EU countries. Hence, we believe it is possible to develop or improve Microfinance as an Inclusive form of finance according to proclaimed standards in the European Code of Conduct. Standards are designed in 2015 and provide benefits for Financial Institutions which comply with them. Benefits are access to Employment and Social Innovation program- EaSI created for better employment possibilities in Europe.

Especially important instrument is a guarantee fund that enable easier lending since certain larger part of the risk of bad loans is taken over by the EIF -European Investment Fund. The purpose of those guarantees is to leverage the effect and expectation that the supported institution will additionally attract private investors.

Our Services are directed to entities like:

  • State institutions and policy makers
  • Banks
  • Microfinance providers and other financial institutions
  • NGOs

Services relate to counseling for micro-lending program in portfolio, risk and delinquency management, and/or non-financial – Business Development Services – BDS program, which includes: mentoring, training, workshops, counseling, etc.

Mentoring, is a form of support and a way of transferring knowledge and experience to entrepreneurs. There is always a valuable knowledge to be shared with them or the challenge they need advice for.

Moreover, for the start-up entrepreneurs, mentoring help is necessity, they need help in defining steps and guiding through administrative procedures. They need help in communication with tax authorities. They need guidance, help or assistance in funding process and application for sources.

Sefini Consulting provides Mentoring services, based on experience from previous work.