Mentoring support for Young people – watch the clip

Mentoring support in cooperation with Center Strong Youngsters

We have supported several young people from the Center in terms of personal development and acquiring soft skills. The purpose of the program is to increase their employability on the market, as well as to encourage them for self-employment and entrepreneurship journey. This year we started the second cycle of mentoring support cooperation and the first time got the opportunity to work with an entrepreneur. Our mentee is a baker Predrag Jankovic, who has been running small bakery, named “Dimitrije”. Besides everyday problems, he thrives to survive, due to and only by his own efforts. He manages to sustain and support his family, as well.

In general, the conclusion is that mentoring support and consulting are necessary services for the beneficiaries from the Center, especially in the initially business phase. Both should be focused on administrative support and helping in communication and relation with state institutions.

Strive for independence and personal development

Watch this short video clip about incredible young people and their supporters from the Center Strong Youngsters. It demonstrates their drive to independence and personal development. It is about a sensitive and marginalized category of Youth, who have grown up without parents. They are expecting to become independent when they turn 18 years, hence in the video they are talking about their progress, efforts and moving through life. Their change starts from the moment they started to use Center’s services. In the video they express their perception of help they have gained and the services they have been using at the Center. The services, besides mentoring support, include learning at training and workshops. 

We hope you will enjoy watching this Video record about generous help and work of the Center Strong Youngsters – SOS Children Villages staff and their external experts, mostly in form of mentoring support.

We talk about the experience at 7:42 and 11:29.

Predrag Jankovic is the Baker who talks at 12:37

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