EIT Jumpstarter program is a pan-European pre-accelerator program created and performing by six EIT bodies and referred to validate deeptech innovative ideas in variety of areas for the purpose of boosting European innovative ecosystem.

We have been engaged as a service provider to EIT Manufacturing and we formed a team of 4 members with different expertise.

The team includes: Svetlana Žikić, Mitra Vesović, James Gunn and Nikola Traživuk.

After completing the educational part of engagement on Local Capacity Development Training which was related to observing and attending the whole EIT Jumpstarter program including all phases from the Boothcamp and Mentoring sessions, through Local Joint Training with Lithuanian educator Limpra, we are coming to the next Grand Final event.

We adopted the concept, structure, content and methodology of the program and now we work on the creation of the Local Pre-Jumpstarter Workshop planned to be held in March/April  2022.

Some of our trainers already had relevant expertise in delivering education to students, either as business mentors, or in launching business in general. Hence, adopting the Jumpstarter concept hasn’t been too demanding task. It has become good opportunity to recap or remodel what we had previously encountered and to improve knowledge by adding value with evident particulars of EIT Jumpstarter program.

Taking into account that our team is pretty divers, given the background and credentials, our respond to what we learned and gained from Jumpstarter might include variety of applications.