EIT Jumpstarter program

On 28 of Jun 2021, we were engaged as a service provider to EIT Manufacturing, one of the 9 KICs bodies of the European Innovation and Technology Institut – EIT Institut, aimed at implementing the goals of Horizon Europe. For such purpose, Sefini Consulting as a local partner in Serbia had previously formed a three-member team committed to work next 6 months on local capacity development for the implementation of the EIT Jumpstarter program, one of programs designed to support innovations in Europe. More concretely, this program is created to select, develop and scale up of innovative ideas into sustainable businesses. The program is cross-sectoral because it includes the participation of 6 EIT institutes from different fields, it has been organized annually and by now implemented in 15 European countries.

Our mutual goal

We aim to raise the level of Serbia participation in the constitution of a pan-European innovative ecosystem through the participation of local innovators and startup teams in the initiatives of the EIT Manufacturing and other EIT KICs, firstly in the following Jumpstarter program, the model already proved to be effective.

Our role is to work together with EIT Manufacturing in building locally favorable system of support for innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of manufacturing by approaching them and presenting the goals of various EIT initiatives to potential applicants and other stakeholders, as well as proposing a local version for the implementation of the next year Jumpstarter program in Serbia.

This year’s Jumpstarter program 2021. has largely been implementing, from the application process in April and the first selection of participants for the Boothcamp training and mentoring sessions already held in June, and it completed its first phase by presenting startup teams through the pitching event on July 21 this year. The selected teams and ideas will continue their development through education at the Local Joint Trainings in September. Finally, at the Grand Final Event in November, the jury will select and award the most successful ones. More about the Boothcamp training activity.

We will continue to follow and attend all forthcoming activities and events, as to report on more specific issues.