The Human Side of Digital Lending

Invitation to the WEBINAR on 13.02.2020.

It is intended to SME Bankers or other Funding Institutions with the stress on the Human Side of Digital Lending. In addition we have credo as Knowledge Based Lending.
SME Banking Club is hosting this webinar on February 13, 2020. at 10.00 CET.  Join Olena Gryniuk, Christian Ruehmer and Svetlana Zikic to discuss the digitization of SME Lending.


MSME lending was always specific as:

• Relationship based – trust and personal connection between Clients (MSMEs) and Banking managers
• More risky and more costly concerning number of clients and amounts. More work intensive for Banking staff.

Automation and Digitization as Business Must Have

On the other side, there is a Business need or request to enter automation and digitization of processes and operations in general. I hope we all agree it is must have nowadays, not just to save cost and mitigate risks, but also to provide clients’ satisfaction and make easier every day job for managers.
Hence, taking into account all about Risk, Costs, Relationship based finance, business need/must for technology, guide us to the platform like Q-Lana, which is respond to bankers’ needs, provides technology on integrated and structured way with retaining relationship finance. Hence one of Q-Lana credo is Human Side of Digital Banking.

Registration is on the bellow links:

Why retaining relationship finance, and not just to adopt and rely on Machine Learning or AI techniques, is because MSME clients need funding and advisory support for their businesses. They need to rely to someone’s guidance, and Banks or other Funding Institutions have experience and sector/business specific knowledge. Therefore, Q-Lana emphasizes supportive knowledge of Banking managers and facilitates the use of such knowledge on the platform. This differentiate banks from numerous of crowdlending platforms. For all features, functionalities and benefits, you are welcome to register and participate actively on the webinar.