How to identify and attract your potential Customers?

How to find and attract your Ideal Clients?

There are plenty of strategies and tools developed and applied by marketing professionals for defining target clients, nevertheless you have to make the first step and respond to the initial question:

What specific need am I trying to satisfy or specific problem am I trying to solve?

 This is the key question for every entrepreneur or any business owner, and nowadays the pathway for reaching the goal is to utilize on-line presentation on a personal or company website, in addition to Google Ad and Social networks. However, before exploiting online presentations and benefiting from your Website and Social networks, you should base your business step by step:

  • Define your entrepreneurship activity: consider what the purpose of your business is, to whom your products or services are intended, what kind of customers’ requirements you satisfy or problems you solve. In general, you should answer why you do your business. This is Value Proposition – the starting part in the Business model Canvas. In general, you create the Value for your Customer.
  • Frame your Ideal Client(s) after defining Value for the Customer. Further on you need to describe him/her in details. This is Client segmentation, equally relevant as previous item. It is advised to name and describe every segment of the Client(s). This is important in order to develop specific and personalized communication, as it is proven that individualized communication is more effective. You may use specific questionnaires for clients’ segmentation.
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Looking for an Ideal Client

  • Bring potential Customers to your website. In case you already have one, you should analyze it in order for improvements or just updates. Furthermore, in order to have an effective website and attract potential Clients, you need to:
  • Explore and analyze competitors’ websites and examine how they do their online presentations and how successful they are. There are few effective and useful Audit tools.
  • Attract more visitors to your website. It is important to use key words for your website content in order to be well positioned on Google search engine.


Tools for finding key words


You may use Google Ad, like – Key word planner or Google trends or other alternative Keyword Research Tools like Answerthepublic  or Longtail, etc. In general, the goal is to create content that will be interesting and engaging for website visitors, which raise likeliness to convert them to your customers

For the purpose of segmentation, naming and describing your Ideal Client, please use for clients’ interviewing or reply by yourself on the following questions:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Family status –single, couple, family with children
  4. Location
  5. Level of education
  6. Occupation
  7. Interests and hobbies –magazines, websites, blogs, sports, music, films…
  8. Purchasing behaviors (what kind of shopping they like, do they prefer on-line shop, shopping moles, small stores, markets.., how much they are willing to pay, motivating factors – triggers for shopping, who has deciding role for shopping, etc.)
  9. Level of income –below, on or above average
  10. Whom the purchase is intended to–personally, family member, business purpose

Further on, when you have your Ideal client picture, you may work on your product or service branding.




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