Let’s advance startups and innovation!

We invite and strive to attract and foster startups and innovators who aim to utilize their innovative solutions for business purposes. In addition, we support the linkage of innovators with business person match for further development and application.

We support them by connection with appropriate hubs-accelerators, programs, companies, institutions and funding options locally and internationally. The purpose is to proceed to successful innovation development and come closer to realize the business venture.

Our team has already gained relevant expertise in providing education to students, either as business mentors or in founding business and consulting services. We advised few startups how to define their idea into viable business model.

Viable business model comprises elements like: your product – innovative solution; deal for the market; customer value proposition; (target) market segments; comparative advantage; credible team, financials, impact for the environment).

In addition, we have recently acquired knowledge and have been trained to improve our skills through the EIT Jumpstarter program. Hence, we want to use such benefit and apply it in our ecosystem.

We will soon share more information about plans and activities. In the meantime, for those interested, personal communication is possible at office@sefini.rs  Read our blog about Innovation process and get help for our program #InnovatorEntrepreneur.